Kathryn Blume

Carolyn Bates Is A Big, Fat Liar
As a professional actor, I have a couple decades’ worth of experience getting my picture taken.  And as the daughter of an Ansel Adams-type landscape photographer, I have a lifetime’s experience posing for a guy who could make a pile of rocks look sexy, but make a sexy person look like a pile of rocks.
The best advice I ever got about living on the lens side of the camera came from the first headshot photographer I ever worked with – a guy in Seattle named Gary who said, “The camera always lies.  You just have to get it to lie in your direction.”
It’s true!  We all know it is.  And we all know that the camera usually lies in the wrong direction.  How many times have you looked at a photo and said, “I couldn’t possibly look like that! Could I???”
The challenge is in trying to distill a living, breathing, dynamic, ever-changing human being down to a single image which best represents the fullest essence of who they are.  How do you do that?  How do you communicate the richness, depth, and brilliance of a person in what amounts to a glance?  How do you lie in exactly the right direction?
I have no idea.  But Carolyn Bates does.  Somehow, she’s got the perfect combination of technical know-how, artistic vision, and psychological insight.  She can set up the conditions for your best self to come forward.  And then, when that best self does show up – in a moment which lasts no longer than the width of a hair – Carolyn can capture it beautifully.
Is she lying?  Or is she just telling the most inspiring version of the truth?  Give her a try and find out.

-Kathryn Blume, Creative Roustabout
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